About Me

Hit by a wave in Hamelin Bay Western Australia. Honest

Hello! I'm a roving photographer based in the beautiful countryside of Derbyshire, UK.

Always keen to be out in the fresh air, exploring what’s on my doorstep and beyond, it’s no wonder I’ve been drawn to pick up the camera and capture nature’s beautiful landscapes, animals and birds, architecture, and usual/unusual objects and sights.


This site contains a growing selection of my own photographic work. I have applied my own skillset to the art of photography and continue to learn more every single day.


Nature has always been a constant source of inspiration for me. Born and raised, initially in the north east of England and latterly, on the outskirts of Halifax, Yorkshire, I had a passion for walking and exploring local hills and valleys, and those in the nearby Yorkshire Dales. I saw them all as a challenge and breathed in the beauty around me but never thought to capture the beauty on film (yes - that's what we used way back then). Now, located on the edge of the equally beautiful Derbyshire Dales, with the Peak District close to hand, I continue to walk and explore more of the countryside, but now use my digital cameras to record some of what I see. And what wonderful sights there are!

Travel has given me the opportunity to meet new people, experience a diverse range of architecture, sample different food and cultures, and explore new environments. This site includes a smattering of photographs from several long distance trips together with other outings and adventures closer to home.

Whether I’m photographing the exceptional landscapes of the Peak District, the Derbyshire or Yorkshire Dales, New Zealand, Australia or one of the many other exceptional locations I've had the good fortune to visit, I always capture what, in my eyes anyway, is beautiful. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I firmly believe that I've had the pleasure and privilege of capturing some superb sights.

Whilst the primary purpose of my site is to showcase some of my favourite photographs to friends and family alike, I would be willing to sell some to anyone showing a desire to own a print. If this is you, please contact me directly to enquire about how this might be achieved.

Thanks for looking.